• McNair Ezzard

Overthrowing Venezuela - Orchestrating a Coup for Oil

Because of U.S. sanctions in Venezuela it is estimated 40,000 people died from 2017-2018. The U.S. government says their efforts to overthrow Chavez and Maduro are for the purpose of advancing democracy and human rights in Venezuela. But according to our guest this week, Dan Kovalik, U.S. interests have always been about one thing – oil. And what the U.S. and opposition resent most is Chavez and Maduro govern in the interest of the Venezuela’s poor.

Dan is an author of The Plot to The Plot to Control the World: How the US Spent Billions to Change the Outcome of Elections Around the World and his 2019 book, The Plot to Overthrow Venezuela: How the US Is Orchestrating a Coup for Oil. Dan teaches International Human Rights at the Univ. of Pittsburgh School of Law.

Guest: Dan Kovalik, Author.


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