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Ramana Maharshi

Updated: Apr 7

"Ramana Maharshi was one of those few men who make their appearance on this earth from time to time...who contribute something to the world's spiritual welfare that no one else has contributed in quite the same way." - Paul Brunton

This week we hear about Ramana Maharshi as part of our series Spiritual Giants of the 20th & 21st Centuries. Our guest is Jussi Penttinen, long-time student of Ramana Maharshi's teachings and founder of the ‘Self Investigation society' in his native Finland. Ramana Maharshi was one of the extraordinary Indian spiritual teachers / gurus of the 20th Century. Living the majority of his life in Tiruvannamalai, India, Ramana Maharshi is most well-known for his teaching on Self-enquiry. According to scholar David Godman, "In Bhagavan’s presence, awareness of being an individual person was often replaced by a full awareness of the immanent Self."

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