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  • McNair Ezzard

Save the Children and global education

Although we don't hear anything about it from the major new outlets, the lack of education for children in the developing world is a major factor in their ability to have a better future.

Worldwide, 260 million children are not in school. Since 1911, Save the Children, the 1st global charity for children, has worked to improve the lives of children, including through education. Through Early Child Care and Development, Basic Education for school-age kids, or the Education in Emergencies program Save the Children has reached millions of children preparing them for a better future.

Join us as we speak with our guest Carol da Silva about the status of education for children in the developing world and the work of Save the Children. During 2018 they helped 8 million children through their global education programs.

Guest: Carol da Silva, Senior Advisor for Basic Education


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