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Oxfam: A Just World Without Poverty

November 17, 2017

Guest: Abby Maxman, President, Oxfam America.


One out of three people on our planet lives in poverty. Oxfam is on a mission to end that man-made injustice. Starting in England during WWII, Oxfam initially responded to the needs of refugees in Greece. After the war Oxfam continued its work by supporting those groups who were helping the poor across Europe. Later, their support moved to distressed people in developing countries. Oxfam America started in 1970 and has had 47 years of working to end poverty throughout the world.

In over 90 countries, Oxfam works to: save lives after disasters; help people overcome poverty; change laws and practices that keep people in poverty; educate the public about poverty and its underlying causes. 





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