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Seeds Of Peace

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

"Young people have the courage and capacity to change - and lead change." -- Seeds of Peace

As part of our series, Working for Peace in the Holy Lands, our guest is Tim Wilson, Advisor to Seeds of Peace and Director of the Maine Seeds Program.

Seeds of Peace is a nonprofit organization equipping youth and educators from different backgrounds with the skills and relationships to work in solidarity across lines of difference to create more just and inclusive societies. Working primarily with young Egyptian, Israeli, Jordanian, and Palestinian leaders, Seeds of Peace has over 8,000 alumni working in 27 countries helping to bring about social, economic and political changes essential for peace. In 1997 Tim Wilson was awarded a Medal of Honor from the late King Hussein of Jordon and in 2015 he was awarded the Gerda Haas Award for Excellence in Human Rights Education and Leadership from the Holocaust and Human Rights Center of Maine.

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