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The Street Chaplaincy

Updated: Jun 1

"Everyone, regardless of their life circumstance, deserves community and care."


By some estimates Marin County, California is the 3rd richest county in California. Nevertheless, just like almost every city and county in the country, they have a homeless population that needs help. One of the organizations helping make a difference is The Street Chaplaincy. Whether it's meeting people on the streets, at shelters, encampments, hospitals, visiting those in jail, or holding memorial services for the deceased, The Street Chaplaincy seeks to bring compassionate spiritual care to homeless people and build community between them and non-homeless faith communities and other organizations.

Our guest is Rev. Charlotte Cramer, an ordained Interfaith Minister and Chaplain and staff member of The Street Chaplaincy. Charlotte has a sensitive and inspiring story to tell about her work and the new program she has initiated, Temple Of The Forgotten.

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handdrawn image of a circle, part earth, part moon, part sun, with a face and silhouette of a broad, branching, leafless tree in front of the face, with roots stretching down to the bottom part of the circle.
Image: The Street Chaplaincy

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